About Morim Shlichim


Morim Shlichim are selected talented authentic Israeli teachers who teach in Jewish schools around the world.  A Moreh Shaliach is a personal example and a live Israeli presence in the school. A Shaliach brings Israel alive, provides a dose of Israeli innovation and a window to Israeli culture. The Shlichim have a spark in their eyes and inspire their students with Judaism, Zionism, Hebrew and Israel. 

The Shlichim are all professional teachers, with official certification and experience, dedicated to the art of teaching. All candidates passed a screening process, specifically designed to identify their talents.   Whether it be for teaching Hebrew or teaching about Israel or Judaism, an engaging Israeli Educator – Moreh Shaliach – is an excellent choice. 


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Join the Morim Shlichim Program.

fill out the ‘school request form’

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What happens next?

Our staff will evaluate the needs of the applying school and match them with the most suitable candidates. Then our staff will send the school CV’s of the most suitable candidates.  If the school is interested in the offered candidate, they will initiate an interview and do their own choosing process in order to decide whether to offer the candidate a job contract. 

If the school decides they want to hire the candidates, they must make an official job offer and present a contract.  Once the candidate accepts the contract, our staff will help plan the details of the upcoming Shlichut. 


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What is expected of the Shlichim?

Fulfilling the professional requirements of a school teacher

Speaking Hebrew and promoting the language

Bringing Israel into the classroom and fostering interest in the homeland of the Jewish people

Communicating well and appropriately with parents, co-workers and managers.

Independence and ability to solve problems

Successfully complete 3-4 years of shlichut while improving each year

Necessary Qualifications

Teaching certification

Two years of experience in formal education

Potential employment opportunities for the shaliach’s spouse during their time abroad

Availability for a minimum of 2 years abroad