How to be part of the Morim Shlichim Program? 

If a school is interested in hiring an Israeli Educator, they should first fill out the ‘school request form’. Our staff will evaluate the needs of the applying institution and match them with the most suitable candidates who have passed through our screening process. Through the online portal, the school will be able to view these candidates’ CVs, browse additional candidates, and connect with potential teachers to set up interviews. Our team will facilitate any other necessary steps in the recruitment process. 

If the school decides to hire one of the candidates, they must make an official job offer and present a contract. Once the candidate accepts the contract, the WZO will manage the visa application and we’ll provide the shaliach extensive training, after which they’ll be ready to begin their year in the school. 

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Profile of the Moreh Shaliach

In two words: Consciousness and Credentials.

More broadly, Israeli Educators – morim shlichim – come with a strong sense of purpose, as if they are taking on a mission of utmost significance – the mission of Jewish Education and creating a connection to Israel. Additionally, they are steeped in Jewish and Israeli life. They are familiar with contemporary events, aware of the challenges of the current era, speak modern, up-to-date Hebrew, and are knowledgeable about Israeli cultural life. As educators, the emissary can form a bridge between Israel and the school community and has the ability to motivate students by example, knowledge, and passion.

At the same time, the Israeli educator is a professional teacher, certified and experienced, dedicated to the art of teaching. Ideally, the educator will be flexible and sociable, open to learning new ways of teaching, and attentive to criticism, in order to successfully master the cultural transition and fully integrate with the school staff.


Application  Form

The school fills in details about the job position(s) of the shlichim for the next year.


The school receives information about applicants who were found potentially suitable for jobs.


The school interviews the candidates and decides who to accept.


The school offers a contract that complies with the requirements of the WZO and immigration authorities in the country.


The shlichim participate in vocational training in preparation for shlichut.


The school arranges to greet the shaliach before the school year begins.

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Becoming an Israeli Teacher

Israeli Educators must be certified teachers and have at least two years of experience. Once a candidate have successfully completed the screening process, our staff will send the profiles of potential shlichim to schools with matching requirements. The WZO as an official J1 teachers exchange program visa sponsor, will manage the visa application. The WZO will provide the Shaliach with additional training and will continue guiding and supporting the School and the Shaliach during the initial process and throughout the Shlichut program.