Becoming a Shaliach

Becoming an Israeli Teacher 

Israeli Educators must be certified teachers and have at least two years of experience, preferably in an area that is relevant to Morim Shlichim (Hebrew, Judaic Studies, or Israeli/Jewish History). After filling out the application online, our staff will guide the shlichim candidates through the screening process, which includes an evaluation workshop, an occupational test, a mock lesson, and a personal interview. Once they have successfully completed the process, our staff will send the profiles of potential shlichim to schools with matching requirements. Schools that are interested will initiate an interview and decide whether to offer the candidate a job contract. Once the contract is signed, the WZO manages the visa and provides the shaliach with additional training before departure. 


Selection Process

Online Application

Fill in the online form and attach the required documentation to begin your application process.

Evaluation Center

Join other applicants for an interactive evaluation workshop to present your teaching skills and other essential qualities.

Personal Interview

Meet representatives from the division so they can get to know you in-depth and in-person.

Assessment Test

Get evaluated by a career assessment center to judge your fit with the available opportunities.

Internal placement

Begin a placement process with representatives from potential schools or shlichut programs.

Shlichut Process

If you have successfully completed the screening process, your profile will be sent to the placement committee and matched with potential schools based on best fit. The schools will initiate contact with candidates who they are interested in, and begin an interview process, either online or in-person.

If a school is interested in employing you, they will extend a formal offer, which includes all the relevant employment terms, including salary, benefits, insurance, housing, etc. When necessary, terms can be negotiated with the school.

After negotiations are completed and the contract is signed, you are officially a school employee and part of the educational staff.

After the contract is signed, the WZO applies for a Visa for the shaliach on the school’s behalf and takes care of the entire process. For details and instructions regarding Visas to the US, click here.

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In short: matchmaking (shidduchim!)

Placement is finding a match between candidates and schools. Eligible candidates are those who have successfully passed all stages of the selection process, while schools place their requests for shlichim in advance, including details on how many shlichim they want, for which positions and what does their ideal candidate look like. Schools also present, in broad strokes, their identity and educational philosophy.

Here at the Morim Shlichim division, we try to make sense of the (ever-changing) picture of school needs for shlichim and the pool of potential candidates. As soon as a possible match is found between a school and a candidate, the school will receive a placement offer and receive your file and an explanation on why we think it’s a good fit.

What are the potential shlichut destinations?

Two-thirds of our shlichim are placed in North America: Toronto, New York, New Jersey, Miami, Cleveland, Chicago, L.A., and more. The rest are in Latin America, (including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and more), Europe (including France, Poland, Romania, U.K., and more), South Africa and Australia.

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Hachshara - Training and Professional Development

The first phase of our training program is designed to prepare you as much as possible for the start of the school year in a new culture, country, and school. Our training workshops include modules on teaching Hebrew as a second language, an introduction to world Jewry, innovative pedagogical and classroom management techniques and insights on how to teach about Israel and Judaism. Along with the professional development, we also focus on preparing you and your family for the transition to shlichut as a family and as individuals. 

The second phase continues after you have settled into your new role and enables you to continue developing professionally. You’ll gain teaching tools that will allow you to thrive while on shlichut, and afterward, upon returning to Israel. There will be workshops run locally for shlichim during the year, along with online courses and community learning.

However, despite our best efforts, there is always more to learn, especially considering the tight schedule before leaving on shlichut. Every shaliach is tasked with having ownership over his or her preparation and development in order to ensure the most successful shlichut possible. Learning should be constant, using any means available, from staff training programs at school to books and courses. Throughout, we’ll be here and we’re happy to help.

Preparing for Shlichut

As you get ready to head out on shlichut, there are a number of things that need to be taken care of besides the professional training workshops and obtaining a contract and visa. Plan for a busy few months before leaving - there are plenty of details that will require your attention.

Steps in Israel towards Shlichut

What needs to be done before leaving?


Plan important farewells with family and close friends


Carefully pack whatever will going be going with you, and (even more carefully) put whatever will be staying in Israel in storage


If you own a car - find a buyer in advance, so you won’t be forced to sell at the last moment


If you own a home - find a tenant to rent.


Ensure passports will be valid until after your return


Take care of any important medical issues (including dental), and make sure to pack all important medical documents (including a vaccination certificate or pinkas chisunim)

Steps in Israel to ensure continuity while in Shlichut

How can you ensure that whatever needs to happen in Israel while you’re abroad?


We recommend granting power-of-attorney to someone you trust who can act in your name.


Change your mailing address 


Assure that your Bituach Leumi status  and pension benefits continue (by making independent pension payments) 


For teachers with tenure - arrange an official leave-of-absence so your position is assured when you return.

Steps in the new country for a smooth arrival

What needs to be done in your destination country?

Get done

The more you can get done ahead of time, the less stress you’ll have upon arrival, which is already a stressful period.


Most importantly - find a home and a car. Make sure you have a place to live and transportation.


Reception details - Who is picking you up from the airport, how will you communicate upon arrival, organizing prep days in the school, who are your points-of-contact and who can help you open a bank account, go shopping for the first time, get a phone, and more.

At School

At school - get information on what classes you’ll be teaching, what your schedule is, what the school calendar is, and who will be your mentor for the first few months.


Have a signed contract with a school? Mazal Tov! The worst of the uncertainty is past, and things are beginning to take form. Once we have a copy of your signed contract with the school, and have signed ourselves a separate contract with the school (which, in part, is aimed at protecting your rights as a shaliach), it’s time to meet the “Shlichut Committee”. Various representatives of the WZO sit on the committee and they formally recognize you as a shaliach of the state of Israel. After obtaining the committee’s stamp of approval, you’ll receive an official “Shlichut Certificate”, which you’ll have to present to different organizations (such as Bituach Leumi and the Ministry of Education) as part of your preparations for relocation. At the same time, we’ll begin the process of obtaining a Visa that will enable you to work in your school’s country. Please note that without a work permit and/or proper legal status for your destination, you cannot embark on shlichut.

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